Ecological cosmetic treatment

Ecological cosmetic treatment


No more desire for chemistry?

The XL list of synthetic ingredients that line up closely on the labels of conventional cosmetic products is deterring many people. This is why there is a growing interest in natural alternatives.

Healthy skin is the secret to a radiant appearance. Environmental influences, exposure to pollutants, intense sunlight and a lack of nutrients stress the skin and it begins to age far too early. Our skin's needs also change with the natural change of seasons, external factors such as stress and nutrition and, last but not least, our biological age.



That's why, following a professional skin analysis, we customise the products we use to suit you. We only use organic products.

Three different types of hyaluronic acid for younger skin for longer

A special feature of our facial care is the multiple effect of the three hyaluronic acids:

High-molecular hyaluronic acid is the ideal moisturiser for a visible immediate effect.

Medium-molecular hyaluronic acid ensures that the skin is moisturised throughout the day thanks to its depot function.

Due to its small structure, low-molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate deeper into the skin, filling and smoothing wrinkles in the long term.

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We are happy to test your cosmetics kinesiologically for effect and compatibility.