about us

about us

We are a German couple who have been living on the beautiful magical island of La Gomera for many years.

Having experienced and learned about many illnesses ourselves, we have come to the conclusion through studying solutions, trying things out ourselves and attending many courses and educations that we can only be and feel truly healthy if our body, mind and soul are pure.

We therefore endeavor to focus our lives precisely on this purity, and we would like to share this with you through our services.


I was born in Berlin in 1971.

My first profession was cook.  I worked for many years in this vocation and have been through all aspects of the awareness of nutrition and cooking.  Whether in hotels, small restaurants, troops-kitchen with the army or, eventually, as Head Chef of a renowned Berlin restaurant chain.  

When I eventually got the feeling of not getting ahead and my interests began to change, I hung up my profession, sold everything and took off with my backpack into the big, wide world in the hope of finding what I still didn’t know I was looking for.

Whilst in Asia, I learned Thai Massage in the north of Thailand and therewith a little of the Eastern philosophy .
Travelling through Vietnam I also got a taste of the inside teachings of Shiatsu.

When I returned to Germany, I quickly realized that, to me, in order to understand people as a whole, I lacked the knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. That’s why I began my training as a physiotherapist. I worked for some time in various practices, the Cancer Clinic in Berlin-Buch, then in neurology in a Berlin hospital and finally by bike making home visits as a Therapist.

In 2007 I came to La Gomera and once again my life changed completely. This time it was about living as purely as possible at all levels. The first year my wife and I spend a lot of time working on ourselves and our patterns.

Then I was very fortunate to get to know the teachings of Dr. Rosemarie Frey who introduced me to the Integra method of kinesiology which changed my understanding of the world’s impact on me and vice versa. I learned to see the world as a unit, that everything is connected.
The next step was the purification of the body. First, we recognized ourselves more as "Users",   explanations of what to do and how to do things. We studied these issues a lot. Eventually, we got down to action.

My interest was immediately piqued because now so much of what was previously not understood all made sense to me. Why people are so out of balance or why the current civilized world with all its facets, makes us so weak, nervous and ill...

I learned then, as an important component of our work, the Bremen Hydro-Colon Therapy.

After that, I completed my apprenticeship as a naruropathic practitioner with a good degree and thus opened a new universe again.

Since the topic of nutrition and healthy lifestyle is the basis for a healthy life for me, I have now trained as a nutritionist / health consultant and fasting leader.

To further fill our toolbox of healing options for you, I learnt herbal medicine, acupuncture, neural therapy, holistic hormone therapy and also psychological counselling.

And now I feel my work as a nearly round thing in which I can unite all learned aspects of my life and thus want to support you on all levels in the healing process.

And there's still soooo much more to learn - and I’m looking forward to that.


I was born in Brehna/Halle in 1966 and grew up in Sandersdorf/Bitterfeld.

Unfortunately, my career aspirations were unattainable for me in the GDR. There were only very limited career choices, so I decided to train as an electrician. After completing my apprenticeship, I moved to Berlin with the desire for change and a fresh start.

I worked as a freelance model and took on organizational tasks at fashion events. I also made clothes for myself and for sale.

When I left the GDR, I found myself in a new economic system that I wanted to get to know and understand. So I decided to train as a data processing clerk. I deepened my commercial knowledge at FU Berlin. I worked as a freelance lecturer in business, got a taste of advertising and ended up managing a very successful restaurant chain in Berlin for a long time.

When I was totally burned out and my aches and pains began to weigh me down, my desire for change and to be myself grew and grew. I said a proper goodbye to the world I knew and set off on a journey to find myself.
I spent a lot of time traveling, in retreats all over the world, on beaches in solitude and always in search of myself and my answers to so many unasked questions.

I learned a lot about myself, my illnesses and the people I met. In order to deepen and better understand what I had learned, I attended many training courses in the fields of naturopathy, psychology and cosmetics.

Among other things, I studied therapeutic Thai massage in Thailand, completed training as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and immersed myself in training as a psychobionic, psychological counselor, health counsellor, specialist beautician, Hatha yoga teacher, acupuncturist and kinesiologist.

Working together with my dear husband in our center with our patients and meeting so many people for whom life calls for change, just as it did for me back then, my hunger for further training and development remains naturally alive.

I thank life for this and look forward to every new encounter and the associated opportunity for growth.

We look forward to meeting from person to person.