Immune system – Covid & Co

We asked ourselves the question:       What can I do myself to be strong in a crisis like the one with Covid 19?

We want to help you strengthen your immune system to prevent infections so that pathogens such as SARS-CoV2 and others don't have a chance to weaken you.

As is so often the case in medicine, there is no single miracle cure that eliminates all problems. It would be nice...



We would therefore like to explore with you what it takes to gain and maintain a strong defence.

Among other things, we will look at the following questions:

What do stress, our lifestyle, our diet, our thoughts and fears do to us and how does all this affect our immune system?

Using kinesiology, we obtain an actual state of your body. We then know what is missing, what is imbalanced, how your organs are doing, how burdened your body is with toxins and parasites and much more.


With this knowledge, we can then create a customised treatment for you.

Special attention is paid to your metabolism.

This is because its proper functioning ensures that the substances needed to build immune cells, for example, and ultimately to transport waste products that burden the body back to the intestines and kidneys enter the body.



We replenish any deficiencies, e.g. in vitamins and minerals, with a vibrant wholefood diet or, if necessary, with high-quality supplements.

We utilise the power of nature and plants to support your system. We have had very good experiences with customised spagyric mixtures, gemmo therapy and loose tea blends.

All formulations and remedies are tested directly on you so that your system is supplied with everything it needs to have the best defence against pathogens such as Covid-19.

If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch.

In our opinion, it is better to do something yourself in this crisis than to wait for outside help.