In nature, everything is as it should be. All processes of constructive and destructive principles are in balance.

It is often difficult for us to understand, but everything has its purpose and does not require interference.

Unfortunately, in our technological world, with almost exclusively processed food, we have difficulty accessing knowledge about the unity of being.

Therefore, we see naturopathy as a link between nature and humans.

Just as everything is in harmony in nature, our treatment also occurs with natural and nature-given means and methods to activate your self-healing powers.



Gingko - Gingko biloba


Celandine - Chelidonium majus

In addition to all the other services we offer to cleanse and strengthen your system on various levels, we also use spagyrics, gemmotherapy, healing earth, herbal tea blends, homeopathy, tissue salts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give your body the best possible conditions to heal and stay healthy.

Spagyric Individual Mixture

As Paracelsus once said, "Solve et coagula et habebis magisterium" - dissolve and combine and you will achieve the mastery.

This is exactly what happens in the production of spagyric remedies. The entire plant is broken down into liquid and solid substances through a fermentation process. The solid part is then burned to ash and the liquid part is distilled. Finally, both parts are recombined to obtain the complete healing effect of the plant without its potential toxicity or intolerance.

Up to 8 different plants can be mixed in a remedy. This allows us to address your problem from different angles or levels, or to simultaneously work on entire organ systems. This mixture is tested directly on you using kinesiology, so you receive a medicine that is tailored to you.



Fumitory Herb - Fumaria officinalis


Milk thistle - Silybum marianum


In gemmotherapy, a macerate (alcoholic extract) is made from the buds of trees. This extract contains not only the known healing properties of the plant, but also the energy of the new, of growth, of spring, promoting regeneration and strengthening the immune system.