What is Kinesiology?

... It’s the science of human movement in the broadest sense. The term is composed of the Greek words kinesis (movement) and Logia (teaching).

Its discovery dates back to experiences and studies of the American chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart. 


A major advantage of Kinesiology is that it allows the body to directly communicate what can be done to remedy a specific problem or to achieve a specific objective. This ensures that only the most appropriate measures, required and accepted by the body, will be applied. He determines what is to be done when, where and in which order. This approach helps the sufferers to greater autonomy and increased self-organization.


Kinesiology treats the body holistically, with respect to all aspects of his being, ie physical, biochemical and psychological (emotional, mental) levels of health. You are not under the influence of a particular philosophy; it is open to all sources, from which people can find help for their well-being.


How does Kinesiology work?

The working tool of kinesiology is the manual muscle test. Every kind of stress (a thought, an emotion, a substance etc.) directly affects the body, and thus also the muscles. The basic idea of ​​muscle testing is that every muscle responds to stress with a short contraction or yielding. This brief initial response of the muscle is controlled by the autonomic vegetative) nervous system and cannot be voluntarily controlled or manipulated by the mind initially. The muscle test is therefore,  the body’s gauge which provides information about noticeable disturbances in physical, mental and spiritual areas and identifying possibilities for change.

"The body responds - if you ask it correctly."

We use the bi-digital O-ring by Dr. Omura, formed by the thumb and finger.  

Through the instrument of Kinesiology we are able to create a detailed case-history showing a full-body image in all its facets and to show the therapies, cleansing  or changes advisable for you.
We work closely with local doctors and naturopaths.